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"Humanity through deforestation, agriculture and urbanization accelerates the runoff of rainwater and drains the land.

'Hot plates' that humans create cause breakdowns in the stable water cycle,rises in climatic extremes,

more frequent flooding, longer droughts, extreme heats, forest fires, drops in groundwater reserves, decreases in soil fertility and biodiversity.
However, the impact can go in both directions. The part of climate change which is a result of land draining by humans can be stopped

and the restoration of the healthy water cycle can be achieved by the comprehensive program of rainwater harvesting, conservation, infiltration and evaporation."

~~Dr. Michal Kravčík is holder of the Goldman Environmental Prize

He is the author of Water for the Third Millennium

He has worked for the Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulics and the Institute of Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.
He is the founder of People and Water NGO, and is it's most prominent representative.
His focus is on a small water cycle recovery. 
He is working hand-in-hand and advising in the Blue Alternative for the Lakota Nation (BALaNa).

"the production of far much better quality spring drinking water from forest ecosystems
 is up to 7-times more effective than the currently applied technologies
that are mainly based on construction of large water reservoirs."

~~Running Pure, an analytical study by the World Bank (Nov. 2002)


"Not even a single raindrop should be allowed to flow into the sea
without having made use of it for benefit of people."
~~Parakramabahua The Great, King of Sri Lanka (1153-1186)