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Goals and Objectives


Project Goal:  The pilot project goal for 2012 is to create, activate and complete a series of water retention catchments on prairie and agricultural land of Cheyenne River. The recovery of the land, people and climate by innovative integrated rainwater management on Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal lands and bring new perspective for sustainability of the Lakota Nation. Create jobs for tribal members.

Project Objectives:

1) Construct water retention catchments and terrace structures to recover endangered water resources. 

        It is estimated that over the period of five years
 the underground water reserves in the land structures will increase by about 1.3 billion gallons,
 the small water cycles will strengthen and
 springs will yield by about 30 gallons per second more than now.

2) Build water retention systems and accompanying facilities with a retention capacity of 777 million gallons located close to boundaries of towns and villages.

3) Operate, service, maintain, and repair water retention systems.

Another project objective is to promote and foster job creation and space for effective operation of the comprehensive and integrated system at the community level.

The construction of 777 million gallons
 of water retention capacity
will require creating over 80 jobs.